The root of our pastures is soil


Take a drive around rural America today. Monocultures of corn and soybeans dominate the landscape.  This is extractive farming dependent on GMO seeds that can withstand onslaughts of pesticides and herbicides, as well as artificial fertilizers that must be added because the soil is so depleted.


There is another way, and it simply takes looking at how nature maintains a healthy ecology for an abundance of life to flourish. What is the secret? Simple: it’s soil.  By fostering the highest quality soil we not only provide the best produce, nuts and berries but also the best meat from animals who live their lives on pasture.  All of these parts of our agro-ecosystem are dependent on the health and quality of our soils.

“You are what you eat.” This idea sums up our idea of sustainable,
regenerative farming.


We raise our animals on perennial pastures. This means that the ground is covered with plants for as long as possible. Plants are great at absorbing nutrients and runoff (like animal manure) and they also happen to be the perfect food for cows, pigs, chickens, and us! Not only do the animals fertilize the land that they eat from, this complex relationship also holds back runoff from other farms that don’t have pastures. Therefore, the nutrients (aka poop) don’t make it into the water which means you can drink easy knowing your water is safe!


Animals on pasture are also much healthier than ones that only live inside of barns. Sunlight helps them synthesize vitamins and the microbes in the environment help boost their immune systems so that we don’t have to feed them antibiotics unless they get really sick. You will notice that the meat from our animals has a different color, texture and flavor than you might be used to. This is because of all of the exercise and fresh plants they are eating.