Quarter cow (~195lbs hanging weight)


Quarter cow (~195lbs hanging weight)


If you buy in bulk you could save over $500 ($3/lb). Customize the cuts that fit your preference. We will be in contact regarding the specific cuts that you want.

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*note- payment by mailed check avoids the additional 6% Credit Card fee, so would be $600

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Some notes on selecting your cuts: Choosing a whole tenderloin means you won't get any Porterhouse steaks because they come from the same muscle group. If you like stew, have your round steak cut up into stew meat. If you don't like either, get it ground up into hamburger. You can have hamburger patties made, all-beef summer sausage, hot dogs, or brats (sometimes they will add pork to the last three items, please specify your preference).

Additional butchering fees: 

  • Cut, wrap and freeze in white freezer paper = $.0.35/lb (vacuum packed add $0.15)
  • Patties = $0.15/lb 
  • Smoked Summer Sausage = $0.75/lb (10 lb minimum)
  • Hot dog or Brats = $0.75/lb

Our animals are processed at Otto's meats in Luxembourg. It is your responsibility to discuss specific cutting instructions. They are great at what they do and will walk first-timers through the process. Even experienced buyers might be surprised by what they can do.