Pastured Heritage Pigs

The pigs on our farm are no ordinary pigs. They are heritage breeds that have been bred to thrive outside on pastures. The spotted ones on the right are Gloucestershire Old Spots. These girls trace their origins back to England where they were called the “Orchard Pig” because people would send the pigs through the orchards in the summer and fall to cleanup the fruit that dropped on the ground. The Royal Family of England continues to only eat Bacon from this breed of pigs. The brown pigs are Tamworths. These are Irish pasture pigs bred for cold winters and long bodies (which means extra bacon). If you click on the image above you will see the cross between these two breeds. Hybrid animals are often stronger, grow faster, and present the best traits from both original breeds. If you come out to the farm you will see almost all of our animals are ccrossbred and the only purebreds are ones we bought from other farms to supplement our own genetic lines.