Farmer's Market

2018 Green Bay Summer Market Stand

2018 Green Bay Summer Market Stand

We are at the Green Bay Farmer's Markets-

  • Winter Farmer's Market- Saturdays 8am - noon

    • KI Convention Center

  • Summer Farmer's Market- Saturdays 7am - noon

    • Washington Street, Green Bay

                 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

By choosing to purchase a season's worth of vegetables from our farm you are joining our community, and at the same time, doing something that really matters.  Here are some of the benefits to joining our CSA:

  • Providing the freshest, healthiest produce for your family

  • Supporting the local food economy

  • Supporting us young farmers in doing what we love

After a successful first CSA season in 2018, we are partnering up with our Farmers Co-op, SLO Farmers Co-op, to offer a customizable CSA. We will be the main farm providing vegetables for the members in our area, with additional fruits and veggies added by coordinating with other small farmers in the cooperative. We hope this will add nothing but value for you and for us, as you will get more of what you love, we get more coordination support, and we all are contributing to grow our local food movement!

On Farm Visits

Right now we do not have regularly scheduled public open hours on the farm besides our CSA pickup day.

We are planning to have another open house Farm Event Day during the summer of 2019. Our 2018 farm event day was a hit, and a lot of fun! Sign up for our Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the date announcement.

We are also considering setting up a time for a weekly scheduled Farm Tour during the summer months. In order to gauge interest, please fill out the form below and we will email you once we have decided.

Farm Tour Interest Form

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Right now we are thinking about a week long day-camp for middle school aged kids, around $300/kid