2019 Customizable CSA Signup Now Available!

Click here to visit website

Click here to visit website

We are excited to announce that we will be offering our CSA this year through the SLO Farmer’s Co-op. We will be the farm providing the majority of vegetables for the members in our area (Green Bay/ Appleton), with additional fruits and veggies added by coordinating with other small, sustainable farmers in the cooperative.

We hope this will add nothing but value for you and for us, as you will get more of what you love, we get more coordination support, and we all contribute grow our local food movement!

customizable how?

This means that you can swap out veggies on our online platform, add any additions for a given week, including meat, eggs, and canned goods for the fall season!

Fall Season Share signup available now! November - December:

4 pickups total, the first and third weeks of November and December. The signup cost is $140 ($35/week) for the season. The minimum order each week is $30, we just request that you average at least $35 for the 4 weeks. Egg shares are $4.50 per dozen.

We only provide what our local farmers have available in fall, which can include:

Winter squash, carrots, cabbage, celeriac, lettuce, spinach, microgreens, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter radish, leeks, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, beets, parsnips, kale

Also: canned goods, honey, pastured eggs and meat

We are not allowing vacation holds for the fall season due to the limited time-span.  If you cannot make a pickup, please arrange an alternate option. If none is arranged, we will donate the share.

Filling out the sign-up form linked below, and sending in payment makes you officially signed up for a Fall share of SLO Farmer's Co-op 2019 CSA season! You can pay through the second link below or send in a check.
Checks can be made out to SLO Farmers Cooperative and sent to W2407 Hofa Park Rd. Seymour WI, 54165.

Summer Shares

20 Week Season: Mid-June to Mid-October

  • standard SHare - $700 ($35/week)

  • small share - $500 ($25/week)

Add-on egg share - $90, $4.50/doz/week

  • Our hens are rotationally grazed on high quality pasture, providing you with the most nutritious eggs you can find. Learn more HERE

We will pre-fill your online cart each week with $35 (Standard Share) or $25 (Small Share) worth of seasonal produce. You can then login anytime Thursday - Saturday to edit your cart. You can remove anything you don't want and add lots of additional produce, and even meat, from a large additional selection (minimum weekly order of $20).

Pick up or Delivery

  • Pickup points will be on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Full Circle Community Farm and Flying Tractor Farm, as well as other pickup locations to be determined in Appleton, Green Bay, Howard/Suamico, Door County, and Manitowoc (More specific info available soon).

  • We would love to help arrange a pickup site at your place of business or neighborhood, we just need to find a minimum of 6 members per site to make it go!

  • Home delivery is also available in select areas for $140 for the season, $7/delivery (please indicate interest in signup form and we will get back to you about eligibility)

The above link is a google form with all the information we need for you to be officially signed up with our CSA! (along with sending in a $200 up-front payment) 

  • Send a check for $200 made out to SLO Farmer’s Co-op and sent to W2407 Hofa Park Rd. Seymour, WI 54165

  • Pay by credit card by clicking HERE. There is a $5 credit card processing fee. 

We are excited to have you become part of our community!

2018 Full Circle CSA contents

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a movement started in the 1980s to provide organic farmers and people who wish to support local and organic foods a way to connect and build a stronger community. It is an up-front commitment to a farm in exchange for a share of the upcoming season’s harvest. This directly supports community-oriented, local farms while you get a plethora of in-season produce that you can be assured is as healthy and fresh as you can get.

Worker Share Option (Summer Only)

If you are interested in joining us out at the farm for 3 hours per week in exchange for a CSA share please let us know! We need committed individuals who can make the same time each week, or provide an occasional alternate if you can’t make it. Depending on when you are available you could help with harvesting, washing, packing, and/or helping at our pickup sites. Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest:

You do not need to fill out the CSA Signup form if you apply for a worker share position

We plan to have at least one farm tour/gathering each season. 2018 we had two great events, a farm tour in July and a harvest/Halloween potluck in October that were both lots of fun! We will have more details on these events as the time draws near.

We will provide a weekly newsletter with farm happenings and recipes for many of the veggies you will receive, and if you have any favorite recipes that you would like to contribute we would love to share them with everyone!

We will gladly take compostable food scraps (no meat or cheese) from you at pickup sites or on the farm. We will compost them or feed them to our pigs and chickens (They LOVE the veggies!). This brings those great nutrients, Full Circle, back into the farm ecosystem.

No-waste packaging option! - We would like to pilot this for a few interested families this year


No-Waste Packaging

Silicone bags used for salad greens tomatoes and herbs.

Mesh bags for potatoes, carrots, onions and the like.

  • High-quality, washable veggie packaging. 8 mesh bags (washing machine safe) and 4 silicone watertight bags (dishwasher, freezer, microwave safe). This is enough for two sets per household. One you will have at home, wash, and return (swap) when you get the other set in your next week’s share. We will permanently label them with your family name so that they will never be used by another member. You get to keep them at the end of the season. $40 add-on.

    Please fill out the form below if you would like to participate:

Name *